In recent years, minimally invasive procedures attract a significant interest. One of the most common methods for lifting of soft facial tissues is a thread lifting. Wide variety of threads are presented on the market, made from various materials and with various configurations.

Objective: This article describes comparison of two different tread materials in accordance with therapeutic effectiveness, short recovery period and safety.  
Methods: Study was conducted on the 4-month-old pig, with weight of 40 kg. Thread implantation and skin sampling was performed with subcutaneous cellular tissue for histological study on 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 1 year after implantation.
Results: The results of histological studies showed an effectiveness of use of PLA and PLA HA 1% materials, unlike of control group. However, unlike PLA material, PLA HA 1% material had advantages. First, it has better bioinert characteristics, which was manifested in the absence of local reaction on implant.
Conclusion: In accordance with study results PLA HA 1% material had an advantage over PLA material, providing collagenessis and elastin fibers formation which ensures more manifested “rejuvenating” effect of the skin at early stages of thread implantation.