Abstract Introduction: During the skin-plasty operation quite often it becomes necessary to excise a size able pathologically modified skin flap. Suture of the wound arisen proceeding from the mentioned is not always possible without significant intention of its margins resulting in various complications (dehiscence, margins’ necrosis, hypertrophic, vicious cicatrices, etc). Therefore, in such cases the method of postoperative wound closing (microsurgical free transplantation, plasty by free flap, and application of local plasty method) is planned in advance or operation is conducted in two stages (dermotension). Objective: Development of tense operative (or etiologically other) wounds suture method with equal intention of its margins along the length. Material and technique: Original surgical technique of skin wounds suture with equal intention of its margins along the length without placing tensing sutures on its margins is presented. Since 2008 this method has been applied in 9 cases. Out of these: during aesthetic operations-in 5 cases, during skin-plasty operations-in 3 cases and in one case-during acute injury. Outcomes and discussion: Clinical observations with various character and shape skin wounds have been presented, which were sutured by means of the given technique. Obtained outcomes are discussed as from functional so aesthetic point of view. On the basis of the experience are suggested advanced indications to application of this technique. Conclusion: Presented technique of the wounds suture may become an operation of choice  

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